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Agenda and Minutes

Minutes are not official until approved at the following meeting. It is possible that older minutes appearing on this page were not updated with official minutes. If you want to be sure you have a copy of official minutes please contact the city office. Scroll down the page to find minutes from various meetings.

Planning Commission

Jun 9, 2010

The June 9 meeting of the Upsala Planning Commission was called to order at 6:00 by Dan Cheney. Also present were commission members Joan Olson, Lynda Tarbuck, Steve Woller and Dennis Westrich. Visitors included council member Robert Maciej, Dan Kron, Linus Lehner and Darren Lange.

Mr Kron talked with the council on behalf of Mr Lehner, who wishes to subdivide his land into two parcels. It is a large parcel on the north side of the city and is zoned agricultural. MSC to schedule a public hearing on the proposed subdivision at the next Planning Commission meeting on July 7. Mr Kron was asked to return at that time with a plat.

Darren Lange then talked with the Commission about building a 60x80 shed just west of their store for the primary purpose of housing trucks. Setbacks for a commercial zone are all met by his plan, however there is a water main going through the property. MSC to approve the application pending adequate setback from the water main to be determined by city maintenance.

An application from Cindy Phillips to build an enclosed 22x24 deck connected to Bullfrogs on the front east side needed to be tabled. There were no measurements showing how far the structure would be from property lines.

An application from Bonnie Soltis was reviewed to replace a home at 304 N Main St. Traditional trailer homes are not allowed in R1. MSC to approve a double-wide “manufactured” home for that address with the stipulation that an adequate road setback be met. The road setback needs to be 30 feet, or be in line with adjacent homes.

Dennis Westrich presented plans to build two new sheds and move a third on his property zoned agricultural. Since he wishes a ten-foot setback for two of the structures a variance would be required. MSC to schedule a public hearing for Mr Westrich on July 7 at the planning commission meeting, immediately following the hearing for Mr Lehner.

The had clerk approved permits for Linus Lehner (shingles), Arvi Erlandson (shingles) and Colleen Lokken (small 8x8 deck).

The meeting adjourned at 7:05pm.

Submitted by Dan Cheney.

Next meeting is scheduled for July 7, 2010 (the Wednesday before City Council) at 6:00pm at City Hall.

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