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Agenda and Minutes

Minutes are not official until approved at the following meeting. It is possible that older minutes appearing on this page were not updated with official minutes. If you want to be sure you have a copy of official minutes please contact the city office. Scroll down the page to find minutes from various meetings.

City Council

Apr 11, 2011

City of Upsala
City Council Meeting
April 11 2011
Pursuant to due call and notice thereof; the city council of the city of Upsala met in regular session on April 11 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at the Upsala City Hall. Present: Mayor Rollie Johnson, Council Robert Maciej, Joan Olson, Lynn Depa, Brian Lange. Staff Michele Caron, Clerk and Frank Koopmeiners, Maintenance.

Agenda-Reviewed –Motion made by Lange to accept agenda as presented, second by Maciej; unanimously carried.
Minutes-Reviewed-Motion made by Lange to accept minutes as presented, second by Maciej; unanimously carried.
Visitors, Requests, Petitions-
David Drown from Drown and Associates financial services for municipalities attended to speak regarding the Tax Increment Financing possibility for the café’ property. The TIF district allows the city to collect the difference between what the average taxes were on the property and the new taxes and use it for a set amount of years to pay back expenses for their investment into making the property a viable space. There is a 30 day review period for the school and the county. Motion by Johnson to adopt the resolution to call a public hearing on June 1st at 7:00 p.m. addressing the creation of the TIF District, second by Maciej; unanimously carried. Mr. Drown discussed his fees for assisting the city in the creation and implementation of the district. This is a small project by comparison of others and his fee is less than usual due to that factor. Motion by Johnson to hire David Drown at $3,500 second by Olson, unanimously carried.
Bill Krivanek-Community Center update. Progress on the HVAX plans was reviewed. Motion by Johnson to approve the lease from May 1 2011-April 30 2013,with electric, heating fuel, and propane are included as the city liability, and leasehold improvements the Community Center responsibility, second by Olson; unanimously carried.
Jeremy Carlson-addressed the council regarding the use of golf carts in town. We have an ordinance that addresses this use. The clerk agreed that one place it states Minnesota Drivers license and another valid driver’s license. Jeremy asked the Minnesota requirement be removed. He was also questioning the use of a large slow moving vehicle sign. Lange suggested reflectors are more important than slow moving vehicle signs. The golf cart ordinance will be revisited at the May meeting after the clerk researches reflectors, permit and fee and Rollie will call Avon regarding the general use in town.
Maintenance Report-Water down and Sewer up by one hour at 4.32 hrs per day. Infiltration of water into lines creates an increase in sewer. Thien Well submitted the cost of refurbishing well number three at $7,000-$9,000. According to our records the last service to the wells was several years ago. Motion by Johnson to approve rehabilitation of well number three with Thien Well Company, second by Lange, unanimously carried.
• Consumer Confidence Drinking Water Report-is posted on the website under April Council Minutes, attached to copies at the Community Center and Library, and a full version will be posted in the city hall window once the current posting comes down. Hard copies are available from the clerk’s office by request. Our drinking water is safe to drink, and the details are in the report.
• Items in the Park-Depa presented pictures of grills that are rusted out and appear to not be used. Frank will remove them. Canopy on playground needs to be removed. Lange suggested the city pay for materials for a possible Boy Scouts project to build a roof over that area. The canopy does not last long once it is replaced.
• Borgstrom Street Parking-The no parking on the area by the school became an issue several council members heard about. The discussion was whether or not it should be year round or just in the winter. Motion by Lange to amend the no parking to “from November 1st through March 31st to allow for plowing, and no parking between signs placed near the driveway to allow for good visibility, second by Maciej; unanimously carried.
• Minnesota Department of Health-annual inspection report recommends protective posts or other barriers to protect against accidental damage by vehicles.
• Flags-Frank will be taking down decorations and putting up flags. He will let Rollie know what numbers of flags need replacing.
• Training-Frank at certification training on April 20th
• Vacation-Frank on vacation June 12th-21st. Julian will cover for him
• Upsala Signs-signs attached to Upsala population signs are fading. Slow children at play need two. St Mary’s no parking along street three.
• Fire Department Report-Lange and Koopmeiners
• Kubota all terrain vehicle purchase tabled as the department is discussing options
• First Responders ordered items from the donation received by the Lions.
• Burning Ban begins Friday the 15th of April.
• Train the Trainer classes on radio changes. Jay and Brian will be taking them and training for fire department members will follow.
Planning Commission-Lange and Johnson
• Minutes April 6th meeting discussed café and a resident requested use of a commercial rented storage bin when moving into town. The clerk spoke to him and confirmed it is o.k. as long as setbacks are adhered to. It is temporary to hold personal items when moving into town.
Upsala Community Development Commission-
• Planning meeting needs to be held to review the mission of the group.
• Heritage Festival discussion
• Basketball court locations in the park with a simple hoop and backboard area and probably half court.
• Next meeting May 2nd
• Informational meeting May 11th 7:00 p.m. at City Hall on Heritage Festival.

Recreation Building Board-Johnson
• Minutes-Review from April 5th.
• Toning Plus putting in security camera by bathroom area and wondering if the city would be willing to pay for the cost of the camera and/or installation. Discussion. The council appreciates the idea of security but at this time will not be able to help the group fund the camera system.
• Lean area-Lions will be constructing it with a new concrete pad for everyone’s use by the concession stand. Motion by Lange to approve the project, second by Maciej; unanimously carried.
• Painting and lighting of horseshoe and archery area discussed. The current wall coverings may be hard to cover with paint. There may be a covering that could go up that is less maintenance and costs the same.
• Animal Ordinance-tabled.
• Uptown Café’-List of tasks to be handled. Waiting for State to award the county that the city may purchase it. Need to claim the TIF District. Waiting for Title to clear. Minor amount of asbestos abatement before demolition. Liquor license amendments public hearing to amend ordinance to allow a change in distance from church. Public Hearing to be held same day as TIF District June 1st at 7:00 p.m. items inside of Café to be offered to Ms. Haux once we own it and then the remaining sold.
New Business-
• Lawn and Leaf Day May 6th leaves bagged and sticks tied in bunches at curb 8 a.m.
• Spring Clean Up Day June 4th general rubbish, appliances, tires, etc. Reminders will be on utility bills and Recreation Building Sign.
• Clerk’s office hours, staffing, wages discussed. The issue will need to be reviewed in the future by the council.
Meeting adjourned 11:30 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted

Michele Caron

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