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Agenda and Minutes

Minutes are not official until approved at the following meeting. It is possible that older minutes appearing on this page were not updated with official minutes. If you want to be sure you have a copy of official minutes please contact the city office. Scroll down the page to find minutes from various meetings.

City Council

Jan 10, 2011

City of Upsala
Minutes City Council
January 10, 2011
Pursuant to Due Call and Notice Thereof; the city council of the City of Upsala met in regular session on Monday, January 10 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the Upsala Fire Hall. Present: Mayor Rollie Johnson, Council Robert Maciej, Brian Lange, Lynn Depa and Joan Olson. Staff: Frank Koopmeiners Water Superintendent and Michele Caron, Clerk.
Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by the Honorable Rollie Johnson
Minutes-Minutes of the December meeting were reviewed. Hearing no changes motion made by Depa to accept as written, second by Maciej; unanimously carried.
Agenda-Items were added to the agenda, motion by Maciej to amend agenda with additional items.
Oath of Office-The clerk gave the oath of office to Joan Olson. Election Certificates were distributed.
Visitors, Requests, Petitions-
• Bill Krivanek presented revised plan for remodel of Senior Center building. The revision meets the Morrison County Health Department concerns. Dan Kremers will be presenting an estimate for HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc. in the near future. Bill asked to be on the Agenda in February.
• Charlie Gunderson presented that after the rain we had last month from the middle of his driveway to the fire hydrant water was running down and froze into thick ice. He is attributing this to landscaping at the new St. Mary’s Church site. He is concerned this spring it should be handled before we get a lot of melting and rain.
• Don Anderson responded to Mr. Gunderson’s concern stating it was his understanding the water was supposed to run to the south. He stated there may be a lot more water off the roof also that needs addressing. It was mentioned it appears that to the west of the building no landscaping was completed yet. The green area to the north may be where it was intended for some water to go and it is not accomplishing this. The other item noticed is that there is water forming over the sidewalk and freezing thick. This needs to be removed by the church. Rollie will call Gene Harren to be sure the church board is aware of both issues. Don can come out in the daytime and check the ice dams before spring.
Ordinances and Resolutions-
• 2011 Organizational Resolution motion by Joan Olson to approve with the addition to clarify Columbus Day is not a Holiday the city has as mandatory and city council meetings will be held on that day, second by Maciej; unanimously carried.
• 2011 Appointment to UCDC motion by Lange to adopt the resolution appointing the council members Joan Olson and Lynn Depa to the commission, second by Maceij; unanimously carried.
• 2011 Appointment to PC motion by Maciej to adopt the resolution appointing the council members Robert Maciej and Brian Lange to the Planning Commission meetings, second by Lange; unanimously carried.
Maintenance Report-Frank Koopmeiners
• Snowplow cutting edge was replaced at $1,179. Lynn Depa mentioned she really noticed on the quality of plowing compared to before.
• Preferred Controls put in a quote for $620 on a pressure transmitter at the water plant. Motion by Johnson to approve this repair item, second by Maciej; unanimously carried.
• Ramps for snow blower loading and unloading-Frank mentioned to prevent injuries ramps are a safer option. Motion by Olson to approve the purchase of ramps to load and unload the snow blower in and out of the truck, second by Maciej; unanimously carried.
• Museum Boulevard-Requests by residents to plow it. Frank said no problem but he wants direction on which way to plow from and to. Either way he is furrowing into parked cars or the garages. It was decided to plow west to east.
• Parking on Borgstrom Street by elementary fence-He plows by the fence so cars parked there are not too far into the street but it was observed by council members that as winter goes on they get farther out into the street. It is dangerous with cars parked there at all, but especially in the winter. Children could dart out from in between cars. It has been observed that cars park on the other side of the street also not leaving much room to drive between the two rows of cars. The council would like the school board to address the issue, as it has been discussed at other meetings in previous years. The city can make it a no parking zone at any time.
• Snow piles in community center parking lot and the bank lot are a concern for resident’s line of vision out to streets. It should be removed as soon as possible. Rollie can call Annette at the bank since they are in control of that pile. The city is responsible for the community center parking lot. An alternate place to pile snow may be an option.
• Sand distributed on township roads every year more and more sand gets spread and it is costly. We have the agreement in place with a trade for parking the equipment in the township shed. Rollie did mention it to Neil Frieler and asked him to bring it up at their township meeting. Frank reminded us the cost of the sand does not include the expense to go get it. He spreads sand on the east and west side of Pine Lake and on the way to Camp Lebanon, and the road to south Elmdale.
• Seasonal employment condition for Julian Herbes. The clerk asked Frank if our usual seasonal designation for him is not realistic anymore. Julian does a lot of winter snow removal. The city council stated if he is needed to have him work the year round. The clerk stated his exclusion from the Public Employees Retirement Association is based on seasonal and if he works year round the first paycheck he receives in 2011 that is at least gross $425 will put him into the plan. The employer contribution for 2011 totals 7.25% of the employee earnings. The program is mandatory and the employee contribution is 6.25%. He will be year round if needed and willing.
• Christmas Lights the clerk is checking on if it is still a flat rate since Minnesota Power changed the way they bill for street lights. If it is, they can be shut off on February 1st and if not shut them off sooner.
Fire Department-
• Fire Truck may be completed by the end of the month. It will have to be driven here from Wisconsin by our members.
• Mikel Nelson sent a bond for insurance that had to be purchased on the FEMA grant, and the clerk is checking to see why it was needed in addition to our usual bond insurance.
Planning Commission-Maciej/Lange
• No meeting held in January. The regularly scheduled meetings unless otherwise cancelled are the following Wednesdays; which land as the Wednesday before the city council meeting on the second Monday of the month. February 9th, March 9th, April 6th, May 4th, June 8th, July 6th, August 3rd, September 7th, October 5th, November 9th and December 7th. The meetings are at 6:00 p.m. at the Fire Hall. Lynda Tarbuck has served a full term and is suggesting the commission find a replacement for her. A new chair and secretary will need to be appointed.
Upsala Community Development Commission-Olson/Depa
• Minutes reviewed by council. Mary Wielenberg and Bethany Malisheske have resigned their positions. Discussion on Christmas Lighting Contest and how changing the third place to a monetary prize was a good idea. First place was Leonice Prokott at $75.00, Second Place was Don Clear at $50.00, and Third Place was Delroy Kiley at $25.00. Rules and expectations of the contest will be clarified for next season. Thank you to all that participated. The next meeting is the first Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m. February 7, 2011. A secretary/treasurer will need to be chosen as well as a chair.
Recreation Board-Rollie Johnson
• Discussion on recreation building rentals and division of duties for the inspections that is to be offered to people renting the facility. St. Mary’s did not get offered an inspection after the cleaning so we are refunding the $20 withheld for cleaning.
• Heater used in hallway by Toning Plus and electricity discussed.
Unfinished Business
• Property contract with Landmark Realty on two properties. Clerk is unsure if we should enter into one for the old David Blonigen site. The council agreed to have the old community center property agreement signed leaving the other one out for now.
• Bullfrogs Liquor License 2011. Discussion on getting it approved once the fees are received in the office.
• Horizon Health Services Faith in Action sent a request for a donation. The clerk will ask them to make a presentation to the UCDC meeting.
New Business
• Workers compensation information reviewed. Lange suggested it did not have itemized costs covered. Clerk will check into those figures.
• Insurance reviewed for renewal in March. Karin will be invited to review. Clerk explained we are members of the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust and our premiums are through that plan. We receive a dividend each year and information explaining that was handed out. This year the dividend was substantial at $1,773.
• Surfsota has been sold to Blueprint America and Steve Woller presented the lease to Rollie that we approve going forward the equipment on the water tower in exchange for internet service at no charge for the city. Motion by Maciej to continue the lease for five years with the new owners, second by Lange; unanimously carried.
• No Parking zone at St. Mary’s we will get striping on the curb this spring, and signs. It was approved from the corner of Oak Avenue down with the recommendation of MN Dot.
• Uptown Cafι’ is tax forfeited and the city is interested in acquiring it to demolish the building
• Community Center lease automatically renews need a new copy
• Sytek survey and strip of land need to be accomplished by the attorney.
Financial Reports, Audit Bills
• Budget for 2011 was handed out. Please review and follow up with questions
• Cash Control and Bank Statement reviewed
• Enterprise Funds Water and Sewer reviewed. Clerk consulted Dennis Bacon on capital improvements on water tower. It should come from the amount saved in the capital improvements fund and not from repair and maintenance. We will need to start saving up for the next time painting inside and out is due. The outside is more frequent. The inside had not been done for about 20 years.
• Bills audited and ordered paid in the amount of $14,322.53
Meeting adjourned 10:30 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,

Michele Caron

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