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Agenda and Minutes

Minutes are not official until approved at the following meeting. It is possible that older minutes appearing on this page were not updated with official minutes. If you want to be sure you have a copy of official minutes please contact the city office. Scroll down the page to find minutes from various meetings.

City Council

Dec 13, 2010

City of Upsala
City Council Meeting
December 13, 2010

Present: Mayor Dan Cheney, Council Rollie Johnson, Robert Maciej, Bethany Malisheske, Joan Olson. Staff Frank Koopmeiners, Michele Caron. Visitors: Don Anderson, Lynn Depa and Brian Lange. Pursuant to Due Call and Notice Thereof the City Council Meeting of the City of Upsala was called to order by Mayor Dan Cheney at 7:00 p.m.

Minutes-November Minutes were reviewed; motion by Johnson to accept as written, second by Malisheske; unanimously carried.
Agenda-One addition to agenda Landlords/renters utility bills. Motion by Johnson to approve, second by Maciej; unanimously carried.
Visitors-Don Anderson discussed payment number four to JR Ferche on Oak Avenue with retainage held until next summer for seeding, etc. Motion by Cheney to approve payment in the amount of $7,937.81, second by Johnson; unanimously carried.
Don mentioned his concern with the large snow pile in the St Mary’s area that may impede drainage at some point if melting occurs with it there.
Maintenance- Frank Koopmeiners presented information on the blades needing replacing on the snow plow and he is planning on getting the cheapest since the plow is due for replacement in 2011. Frank asked about the agreement for the sand and gravel with the township and the space for the truck. The Clerk does not know of any written agreement.
Water meters are in and there was a need for a new level sensor so that was replaced.
Plowing other areas such as churches and recreation building. Frank needs to know ahead of time when there are events planned in case of snow emergency and plowing. Call him at his home number because he may miss the message on the city machine.
Snow Removal in town-Joan has heard from residents when are the snow piles getting removed? Maciej reminded visibility is reduced coming in and out of driveways. Clerk mentioned the contracts did not come back from the State but she did get verbal approval to go ahead and remove snow December 3rd.
Sidewalks- Frank and Julian will remove snow from sidewalks if not cleaned timely by the owner and it will be charged back to the owner.
Fire Department Report-Relief Association meeting this month with Dan and Michele as representatives from the City-Rollie will join them as he will be taking Dan’s appointment.
Planning Commission-No meeting in December-Discussion on appointments. Maciej mentioned he would like to switch from UCDC. Brian Lange mentioned he would like to be on the Planning Commission. Steve’s position is expiring on 01/11.
Upsala Community Development Commission- No meeting in December-Lynn Depa and Joan Olson will be the new representatives for the UCDC. Bethany stated as Secretary she is planning on attending the January meeting and the council offered for her to stay on the commission as an at large member. Robert’s term was expiring as of 01/11.
Recreation Board-Rollie Johnson-He will stay as the representative on the Recreation Board.
Unfinished Business-
Upsala Community Center –no update on possible remodeling of building. Appraisals were gotten of the land that was for the future community center and for the other parcel on highway 238 the city now owns. Motion by Cheney to allow Landmark Realty to list both properties for sale, second by Olson; unanimously carried. Reminder there is an agreement that Soltis’ may use the driveway and if sold that would need to be an easement.
Uptown Café-no update
Final Certification of past due utilities to property taxes. Motion by Cheney to certify all unpaid utilities to the property owners that were notified, second by Johnson; unanimously carried.
Clerk presented the ordinance for rates and charges states the owners will be billed. Our procedure is to bill renters. There is a lot of office time used on dealing with past due utilities, and discussion centered around following the ordinance. A notice to property owners that have renters with accounts in their names will go out that as of the bills due February 15th they will revert to the owner’s name.
Final Certification of the Levy remains the same as it has been for three years.
New Business-
Curb and apron by Lange’s new building-the city shared a cost of it since we had to repair the utilities there. Motion by Cheney to pay 50% of the bill in the amount of $1450 with the city share being $725, second by Maciej; unanimously carried.
Oath of Office of newly elected officials. Their term begins the first Monday in January 2011.
Mayor Dan Cheney will be stepping down from office as of January 3rd, and Rollie Johnson will take his place as the second signer on the checks and the key holder of the safety deposit boxes.
Reports were presented and bills ordered paid in the amount of $70,298.50. Annual pay for council, commissions and firefighters was included as well as the water and sewer treatment loan, and the lease on the fire truck. The clerk will look at the capital improvements paid out and adjust with the next CD that is coming due if needed.
Meeting adjourned 8:30 p.m. by Mayor Dan Cheney

Respectfully Submitted,

Michele Caron, Clerk

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