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Agenda and Minutes

Minutes are not official until approved at the following meeting. It is possible that older minutes appearing on this page were not updated with official minutes. If you want to be sure you have a copy of official minutes please contact the city office. Scroll down the page to find minutes from various meetings.

City Council

Mar 14, 2011

City of Upsala
City Council Meeting
March 14 2011
Pursuant to due call and notice thereof; the city council of the city of Upsala met in regular session on March 14 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at the Upsala City Hall. Present: Mayor Rollie Johnson, Council Robert Maciej, Joan Olson, Lynn Depa, Brian Lange. Staff Michele Caron, Clerk and Frank Koopmeiners, Maintenance.

Agenda-Agenda reviewed motion by Lange to accept agenda, second by Maciej; unanimously carried
Minutes-Minutes were reviewed as corrected per letters from Mikel Nelson and Jay Baggenstoss on clarifications with fire department issues. The clerk will put in place a new process reading back to visitors what she heard them say to alleviate future misunderstandings. Motion by Lange to accept February minutes with changes, second by Olson; unanimously carried.
Visitors, Requests, Petitions-
• Bill Krivanek with Community Center update. Draft of remodeling presented. There were two plans to review. Discussion on updating the specifics on the lease with Community Center and the responsibilities of each entity. The city reviewed the costs of utilities and acknowledged the building is owned by the city. The utilities are described as electric, heating fuel and propane. To keep the costs of the utilities down, adding insulation to the ceiling was discussed. Mm by Lange to revise the lease to state the owner will be responsible for the utilities for a two year term and will improve the building with insulation in the ceiling, second by Depa, unanimously carried.
Ordinances and Resolutions-
• Resolution Appointing Jane Knott to the Planning Commission at a term of one year to be extended upon her request. Motion to adopt said resolution by Maciej, second by Olson; unanimously carried.
Maintenance Report-Frank Koopmeiners
• Electronic DMR reporting of testing levels will be mandatory by the end of the year.
• Thein Well has not gotten back yet with a bid and description of well refurbishing.
• Stop sign at Covenant Church road needs replacing since a snowmobile knocked it over. Discussion those are MN DOT responsibilities since it is a road connecting to Highway 238. The clerk will e mail her DOT contact.
Fire Department-Jay Baggenstoss Fire Chief
• Driving simulator training was accomplished and was very good. This was a requirement of the FEMA grant received for the new truck.
• Jay presented the off road vehicle information. Motion by Johnson to ask the fire department if they are going to purchase an off road vehicle for getting into areas that cannot be accessed by other vehicles that it be approved by the National Fire Protection Association for that type of use, second by Olson; unanimously carried. Discussion on the Kubota 4 x 4 that can be purchased now at a reasonable price which includes a warranty and accessories. Motion by Johnson for the city to purchase the 4 x 4 Kubota at this time until the fire department portion can be determined at a later date, second by Olson; unanimously carried. This vehicle can be used by the first responders as well as the fire department if needing to get to a location that is hard to navigate with another vehicle such as water, mud, high grasses and snow.
• Jay asked where the clerk found the information relayed that fire departments should not be electing officers. He said all the fire departments do it. She said she will get the information to him and the council.
Planning Commission-Johnson/Lange/Maciej
• Lange Oil called to ask if interior remodeling requires a permit and it does not.
• Paul and Kathy’s started emergency construction after their roof damage, and they will require a permit. One was mailed with a note explaining we understand it is an emergency.
• Uptown Cafι could be acquired soon by the city from the county.
• Chimney stacks and outdoor boiler ordinance-the ordinance states “must be 15 feet above ground surface however they shall also be at least as high as the height of the eave lines of residents within five hundred feet. Discussion that the highest eave has been measured from some of the boiler locations. The Planning Commission will continue to monitor compliance with this ordinance. The point of the stack requirement is to allow the smoke to get above roofs and not go into neighboring homes.
• Next regularly scheduled meeting Wednesday April 9th at 6:00 p.m. City Hall
Upsala Community Development Commission-Olson/Depa
• Heritage Days discussed. Joan is working on letters to prospective participants outlining the year’s activities.
• Budget can it be increased for special events or t shirts? Discussion. Motion by Johnson to increase heritage festival budget from $2,000 to $3,000, second by Lange, Nay Maciej, aye Depa, Olson, Lange, Johnson; motion carries. Maciej cited concern it is starting to cost more than he thought. Clerk pointed out it does promote the city and is an approved expenditure, Olson and Depa pointed out it brings visitors to our city.
• Themes were discussed.
• Memorial Day program was discussed and asked if there is any need for UCDC involvement
• Informed Mike Disher is no longer a member of the UCDC. Reminder that members do not have to live in the city limits to be appointed on this commission. Anyone interested in the community development of Upsala is welcome to volunteer as a member.
• Next regularly scheduled meeting Monday April 4th at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall
Recreation Board-Johnson
• Rollie made visits to the recreation building when events are on and noted the building is being kept fairly clean. It is noted the refrigerator needs to stay on and plugged in and if concerns are that it is running cardboard can be placed in it. It is nice to have it cold for people to use it when they come in.
• Council Depa and Olson asked if the city can be emailed and forward on to council members when an event is scheduled. Depa can put it on the city calendar as reserved and a time. Surprise parties will not be disclosed with a name.
Unfinished Business-
• Uptown Cafι property-Could be made a TIF district with the county so help from them with certain items can be accomplished. Johnson spoke to Carol Anderson and got the information that David Drown and Associates has a step by step TIF District booklet. Liquor ordinance hearing would need to be held if the city wanted to amend the ordinance to allow another license and off sale in the city. The distance from church and schools would need to be amended. We have a prospective buyer for the lot that wants an on and off sale as well as a restaurant. His plan would seat 95 and separate the dining and bar areas. The city is having the lot surveyed and a preliminary asbestos test. Debris removal either requires it is all treated as asbestos or we get areas tested for it. The process of researching the abstract by our attorney has begun and it will require notifications in case there are claims before it can be sold to a third party. Land values were discussed and costs associated with debris removal, and making the lot buildable
• Barking Dog issue-has been resolved. The owners took care of it.
• Dogs running uncontrolled-a complaint was made and the owner was sent a letter
• Animal Ordinance-council needs to pick this back up and review. Notices were sent out last year that it was being reviewed and has not been completely authored as yet. Council will take it back and look at it to see which areas should be addressed.
• Tennis Court-insurance is split since the city and school each own a half. Each purchases its’ own insurance on their half. Depa asked we get a sign stating no other activities allowed such as bikes and roller blades. Clerk agreed it is a good idea for our liability. Johnson noted one time he saw some kids looking as if they were going to ride bike in there and he asked them to please spread the word not to because it costs a lot to resurface. He has not seen another bike in there.
• Community Basketball court-where could it be, half or full, who would pay for it? The UCDC will look into if a cooperative effort between the city and other organizations could be accomplished.
New Business-
• Morrison County Fair Agricultural Society requested a donation. We have never donated to it. No action taken.
• Morrison County sent an agreement for Recycling and Clean Up day grants. $1,212 and $375 for costs associated with clean up days and recycling in the city. The city currently subsidizes both refuse and recycling costs for residents.
• Upsala Blue Jays 3.2 beer license 2011. A request was made for the license to be expanded to three locations and would the city waive the fee for the other two locations? Location #1 Upsala City Park Location #2 Recreation Building Location #3 Upsala Ball Park. Discussion on how it could do that with one group and not others. Licenses approved for all three locations at usual fee of $25 each.
• Initiative Foundation, University of Minnesota Extension Services and Region Five Morrison County city visits. March 30th at the Initiative Foundation from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. lunch provided. Discussion on creating new working partnerships.
• Clerk has not heard back from the trade application for first responders for equipment
• Safety and Loss Control LMC workshop in St Cloud April 26th Cost $20 Robert will attend
• The School staff has recognized the safety hazard of parking along Borgstrom Street and the employees responded right away and the city thanks them.
• Website has old minutes on it. Lynn asked if we could have a rolling year and delete the last one as you go.
Financial-Bills audited and ordered paid in the amount of $14,858.58
Meeting adjourned at 10:40 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,

Michele Caron, Clerk

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