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Agenda and Minutes

Minutes are not official until approved at the following meeting. It is possible that older minutes appearing on this page were not updated with official minutes. If you want to be sure you have a copy of official minutes please contact the city office. Scroll down the page to find minutes from various meetings.

City Council

Feb 14, 2011

City of Upsala
City Council Meeting
February 14 2011
Pursuant to due call and notice thereof; the city council of the city of Upsala met in regular session on February 14 2011 at 7:00 p.m. at the Upsala City Hall. Present: Mayor Rollie Johnson, Council Robert Maceij, Joan Olson, Lynn Depa, Brian Lange. Staff Michele Caron, Clerk and Frank Koopmeiners, Maintenance.
Agenda- was reviewed, motion by Maciej to accept agenda with additions, second by Lange; unanimously carried.
Minutes-were reviewed and two changes made. It is noted the Senior Center has been changed to the Community Center, and Nelson Insurance Agency and Mayor Dan Cheney secured a bond for the FEMA grant for the fire truck; motion by Lange to accept the minutes with changes, second by Maceij; unanimously carried.
• Karin Nelson representing Nelson Insurance Agency & Financial Services attended for review of policies. Line items of values of city covered properties, buildings and equipment were reviewed. She gave an overview for the council of how the various insurance coverage’s work and described the role of the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust.
• Dennis Raatz-Interested in building a café’ in Upsala at the site of the old one. Mayor Johnson explained he is working with the county auditor and our commissioner on it. The city sent a letter formally requesting it acquire the property from the county and state. The cities intent is to have it razed to a vacant lot. The city council agrees we need another café’ in Upsala. Dennis and his wife have previously owned an establishment. It would be a family atmosphere and home cooking and they would request a liquor license, sectioning off the various types of dining. Motion by Lange to continue the process with the county to acquire the building and land; and to demolish the existing structure including any costs associated with doing so, second by Depa; unanimously carried.
• Rob Schumer-attended for St Mary’s and requested a quilt bingo permit. Motion by Lange to approve, second by Maciej, unanimously carried.
• Mayor Johnson-gave the report for the community center in the absence of Bill Krivanek. Mary Jane Chuba in attendance for that purpose also. There is a possibility of a scaled down upgrade addressing the immediate issues of floor coverings, equipment, etc. that would bring the kitchen space up to code. Council person Depa asked about the Valspar grant they received in the mail. It is for exterior upgrading and is a partnership between the Valspar paint company and the Initiative Foundation. The exterior could be upgraded for now until a later date.
Ordinances and Resolutions
• Resolution approving amending the language of Title 1750.22 to conform to our rates and charges chapter billing the homeowner for the utilities and not specifically the tenant for refuse was reviewed. The two were in conflict and the council decided since it is ultimately the homeowners responsibility we would follow our rates and charges ordinance billing them. Some homeowners have asked that a copy be sent to both the owner and the tenant. That is being done. The city will receive the payments from either party, but the owner is responsible if there are past dues. Motion by Maciej to change the ordinance, second by Lange; unanimously carried.
• Resolution formally appointing Mayor Johnson to the Planning Commission at their request. Motion by Lange to approve the appointment, second by Olson; unanimously carried.
Fire Department
• Chief Baggenstoss and Mikel Nelson attended. The new fire truck is here and they gave the council a tour of it. The old yellow grass rig will be sold on bids. The 1985 grass rig will be taken back to the DNR and it will either be brought to Willow River, or it may be sold off at auction. They are looking at checking out another all terrain type vehicle for fires in areas hard to get to. Another grant has been applied for, with the intent of acquiring a water truck. The clerk thanked Mikel Nelson for his hard work on them, as grant writing is not an easy task. The council was presented a final report on how the truck was paid for. The Upsala Relief Association did contribute a portion of the funds, as well as a FEMA grant and a portion from the city. A driving simulation training requirement for the grant will be completed by all involved.
• They would like to look at their budget history and the clerk will get them their reports from the last few years.
• Recommended three new firefighters to replace retiring individuals. Rodney Hayes, Steve Heesen and Billy Koopmeiners. Rodney Hayes is a trained and experienced fire fighter, and Billy is a first responder. New officer’s recommendations: Assistant Chief: Frank Koopmeiners Captains: Nick Johnson, Jeff Czech, and Mikel Nelson; with a second Training officer to be determined. Motion by Maciej to approve the recommendations, second by Lange; unanimously carried.
Maintenance-Frank Koopmeiners
• Fire Hydrants and snow removal around them. Clerk will check the ordinance to see who is responsible for keeping them clear of snow.
• DNR Waters permit annual renewal explanation to council a permit we get each year
• Water plant level sensor needed replacing.
• Well number three the pump and motor were replaced. Thein Well suggests rehabilitation of the well.
Planning Commission- Johnson/Maceij. Lange
• No permits
• Clerk asked if the water connection at Lange Oil was new and Frank said no they used an existing one from a home that had been there.
• Outdoor boiler ordinance the review of stack heights need to be conducted and the PC should review if regular wood stove should be included. The intent is to keep the smoke above the neighbor hoods.
• Next Meeting March 9th 6:00 p.m. at City Hall

Upsala Community Development Commission-Depa/Olson
• Lynn Depa appointed Secretary
• Theme for Heritage Days and planning is under way
• Suggesting a basket ball court or half court somewhere in town
• Discussed the organizations in town
• Next Meeting March 7th 6:00 p.m. at City Hall
Financial Reports-Budget Review Meeting is too long to address the city council will have an emergency meeting for the budget on February 16th at 6:30 p.m.
Bills audited and ordered paid in the amount of $19,395.94
Meeting adjourned by Mayor Johnson at 11:00 p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,

Michel e Caron, clerk

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